Wait we can’t arrest them fast enough

The police can’t cope.

Scotland’s national police force has warned that it cannot comply fully with the demands of new hate crime laws until next year, as officers struggle to cope with a surge in reported offences caused by Twitter rows.

In its quarterly report Police Scotland said there were “hurdles to overcome” if officers were to carry out their duties within the Hate Crime and Public Order Act, passed nine months ago, with training and guidance still to be addressed, along with a requirement for new IT systems.

They want to postpone because they’re having trouble keeping up with people who call the police because they’re OfFended by something on Twitter.

A 76 per cent rise in reported crimes in which transgender issues was the aggravating factor contrasted with 6.1 per cent growth in all hate crime reports, and reflected the impact of online rows about trans rights and gender identity, according to the Scottish Police Federation.

And we know which side of those rows is calling the cops. It’s not the side that defends the rights of women, it’s the side that is outraged to be told it can’t trample all over the rights of women.

A Scottish government spokesperson said: “Work in conjunction with justice partners is underway to ensure effective implementation of the Hate Crime Act so that, once in force, it offers greater protections to those targeted by hatred and prejudice.”

Spokesperson has the tedious bureaucratic jargon down pat, at least.

“Whilst the rise in hate crimes recorded by the police including a trangender identity aggravation may be attributed to a greater frequency of crimes occurring, it may also be attributed to an increased confidence in the reporting of instances of hate crime to the police – something that is to be encouraged.

“However, these figures are a reminder to redouble our efforts to tackle hate and confront prejudice towards our LGBTI communities.”

But not toward women of course. God no. Who gives a fuck about women?

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