So who is Pop?

Today I learned there’s a thing called Pop ‘n’ Olly, which bills itself as “LGBT+ and Equality ‘Edutainment’ for children and young people”…without of course saying anything about what qualifies it to educate children and young people (or for that matter to edutain them).

It showed us…this.

It is – surprise surprise – absolutely dire. It starts by “explaining” how infants are “assigned” a sex and then says gender is different…without bothering to say what “gender” is. “A person’s gender is who they feel that they are,” it says in a smarmy voice, but of course that’s not what they mean at all, they just mean the usual gender bullshit. Here’s an interesting thing: there’s more to “who people are” than their sex or gender. Little children aren’t going to hear “who they feel that they are” and think girl or boy and nothing else.

Smarmy voice continues with “examples,” such as female, male, both, or neither, and then immediately proceeds to “Gender is usually something a person just knows about themselves.” The whole world of “who people are” is boiled down to female or male in an instant. It’s about as educational as a bowl of sick.

Also, by the way, what sex children are is not something they “just know” about themselves; they get told it. They get told it as they get told everything, as part of their development. Adults don’t remember being told it, so the gender fanatics among them jump to the conclusion that we “just know” it, which is a measure of how deeply stupid the whole ideology is.

I can’t watch past the first minute right now because it’s too nauseating.

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