Starmer promises more forced teams

Diva magazine gloats that Starmer is going to demolish all women’s rights:

Keir Starmer promised that a Labour Government would bring about major improvements to LGBTQIA rights at home and abroad in his speech at the LGBT+ Labour event in Parliament this evening (29 January). 

Can’t be done. Some of the claimed “rights” in that grab-bag cancel each other out. Lesbians’ right to say no to men, for example.

From modernising the Gender Recognition Act to banning so-called conversion “therapy”, the leader of the Labour Party drew on the Party’s long history with LGBTQIA rights to solidify his commitment to change. 

What long history? There hasn’t been any long history of LGBTQIA rights, because the ever-expanding forced teaming is a very recent development.

The leader of the Labour Party also lamented the actions of the Conservative Party, claiming that they have stoked “culture wars” and “pitted people against each other”.

You know what else has “pitted people against each other”? Forced teaming, that’s what. The more the starmers insist that the T belongs with the L and the G the more the L and the G push back. There’s your pitting.

Of course this stupid article never once spells out exactly what TQIA rights are.

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