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Met Police hassle Maya Forstater

A leading women’s rights campaigner who tweeted that a transgender GP ‘enjoys intimately examining female patients’ has revealed how police threatened to arrest her before launching a 10-month investigation.

Maya Forstater, 51, the head of the charity Sex Matters, has revealed Scotland Yard has been investigating her for the crime of malicious communications since August 2023.

The alleged crime, which carries a punishment of up to two years in prison, relates to a post Ms Forstater wrote on X/Twitter about trans former GP, Dr Kamilla Kamaruddin.

Who is, of course, a man who pretends to be a woman.

Dr Kamaruddin said that after transitioning, patients allowed her to perform ‘more intimate examinations that they did not let me to do when I was a male GP’.

In other words he bragged that he was successfully tricking women into letting him grope their genitals.

The cops threatened Maya with arrest if she didn’t turn up to chat with them.

‘And obviously I didn’t want to be arrested so I went. So I had to get a solicitor and went into the police station to be questioned, and it was only then that they told me what the tweet that was supposed to be a crime was.

‘I sort of thought that this must be mistake. It was like half a tweet. It didn’t tag anybody. It was attached to a blog post that explained why I’d said it.

‘It was not a threat to anybody, it was not obscene, it was based on facts and [the] quite disturbing fact that a doctor who is male was boasting about examining women who wanted a female doctor, and who were told they were getting a female doctor.’

Yes that’s quite disturbing all right. It’s bragging about tricking women into being sexually assaulted in the doctor’s office. How interesting that the Met Police want to arrest Maya for saying so rather than the doctor for doing it and bragging about it.

Ms Forstater, who has not ruled out legal action against the force, said that she was told she was being questioned for ‘targeting a member of the trans community’. 

Oh grow up coppers. What about this horrific doctor who is targeting members of the women community by sexually molesting them? Why don’t you threaten to arrest him instead of Maya?

Ms Forstater told how her solicitor told the police it was ‘ridiculous’, adding how he said: ‘This doesn’t come anywhere near what malicious communication requires for a prosecution. 

‘You should stop the interview right now, or not go ahead with the interview at all. This is discrimination. This is an abuse of my human rights, my freedom of speech to drag someone into police station to question them about a tweet.

‘But the police said ‘no, we’re going to carry on with it’, which they did. And since then, my solicitor has emailed them every couple of months to say what’s happening and they keep saying, we’re still investigating.’

Investigating what? How awful women are for objecting to male doctors who pretend to be women in order to manually rape their female patients? That takes 10 months and counting does it?

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