Woman doesn’t invite men shocker

Just imagine: a lesbian is planning a lesbian club and she’s not including men. So eccentric.

A feminist campaigner is to open Britain’s first lesbian members bar that will only allow biological women to join.

Well duh. It’s a lesbian members bar, so obviously it’s not for men.

(The men can always try the Garrick.)

The bar, named the L Community, is due to open in London later this year and will operate as a private members club so that it can bar trans women from signing up.

The bar has been set up by Jenny Watson, who in September last year was at the centre of a transphobia row after she insisted only “adult human females” could attend the lesbian speed-dating events she had organised, and urged men to stay away.

Women must never ever ever say no to men.

The bar will continue to provide speed-dating sessions, as well as open mic shows, live music performances and a book club. Ms Watson rejected the suggestion that her bar policy was transphobic and said she was instead trying to create a women-only space.

But women are subversive, so if there are no men present, they might bring all of society down. It’s a risk.

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