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All that and a liar too

Nov 30th, 2018 10:21 am | By

The acting AG appears to have lied to agencies investigating him. Of course he does.

New documents released by the U.S. Federal Trade Commission suggest that acting Attorney General Matthew Whitaker misled the agency’s investigators as he was stepping into his role last year as Justice Department chief of staff.

After several attempts to reach Whitaker about the Miami company where he was on the advisory board, the FTC investigator emailed his colleagues to relay that he finally reached Whitaker, who was willing to cooperate and asserted that he “never emailed or wrote to consumers” in his consulting role.

Oh yes? That’s not what we’ve read.

That statement to James Evans of the FTC appears to be inaccurate. Whitaker

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When the AG speaks in the great hall, it’s always full

Nov 16th, 2018 3:02 pm | By

Kind of heartwarming. Whitaker makes his debut.

I might feel sorry for him, but after those stories about his glorious career threatening unhappy customers of a fraudulent “patent” company, I don’t and can’t and don’t think I should.… Read the rest

A first class organization

Nov 15th, 2018 8:19 am | By

More on the sterling credentials of Trump’s acting Attorney General, from the Wall Street Journal (which doesn’t lightly criticize capitalist ventures):

In early 2015, an anonymous comment accusing a Florida company of being a scam was posted on a consumer website called

Around that time, the publication’s phone rang. The caller said he was Matthew Whitaker—now the acting attorney general—and he was angry, said Ed Magedson, owner of Ripoff Report. Using profanity, Mr. Whitaker demanded the removal of all negative reports about the company, World Patent Marketing Inc., Mr. Magedson said.

Whitaker threatened Magedson, with lots of swearing. He threatened to ruin Ripoff Report, he threatened to get the government to shut it down.

Since President Trump appointed Mr.

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