A first class organization

More on the sterling credentials of Trump’s acting Attorney General, from the Wall Street Journal (which doesn’t lightly criticize capitalist ventures):

In early 2015, an anonymous comment accusing a Florida company of being a scam was posted on a consumer website called RipoffReport.com.

Around that time, the publication’s phone rang. The caller said he was Matthew Whitaker—now the acting attorney general—and he was angry, said Ed Magedson, owner of Ripoff Report. Using profanity, Mr. Whitaker demanded the removal of all negative reports about the company, World Patent Marketing Inc., Mr. Magedson said.

Whitaker threatened Magedson, with lots of swearing. He threatened to ruin Ripoff Report, he threatened to get the government to shut it down.

Since President Trump appointed Mr. Whitaker last week, the acting attorney general has faced questions about the extent of his involvement with World Patent Marketing, where he was a paid advisory-board member until at least 2016. The company was shut down last year by the Federal Trade Commission after it accused the firm of scamming $26 million.

Is this really what we want in the top law guy for the whole country? Reeeally? A guy who threatened people on behalf of a scam company? REALLY?

The threatening phone call recalled by Mr. Magedson suggests Mr. Whitaker took a more active role than previously known in shielding World Patent Marketing from outside criticism. He also wrote an August 2015 email threatening an unhappy customer, court documents show.

The call also suggests Mr. Whitaker was aware of allegations of fraudulent activity against the company, which was later confirmed by the FTC in its accusations.

In other words he’s a crook, he worked for a crooked company, he bullied and threatened critics of that crooked company…and he’s now the Attorney General.

Mr. Whitaker was paid $9,375 as an advisory-board member by World Patent Marketing, court documents show. He also appeared in two promotional videos. In a December 2014 company press release, he is quoted saying that “as a former US Attorney, I would only align myself with a first class organization.”

Sleazy enough?

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