Muh idenninny

This is where people are getting themselves when they make wild claims about “identity.”

Comic Relief firmly believes every individual has the right to be who they are and to define their own identity.

Oh come on now. Think before you say things like that. We don’t have “the right to define our own identity” in general. We can play, we can fantasize, we can pretend, we can imagine, in some situations and contexts, but not in all of them. We can make some changes to our identity, but we can’t just make any and every change we can think of, as an act of will or speech. We can’t “identify as” pharmacists or accountants or electricians if we haven’t had the relevant training and passed the relevant tests. We can’t “identify as” another nationality when crossing a border. We can’t “identify as” six years old in order to frolic with other sixes at the local playground. We can’t “identify as” dogs if we want to be seen and addressed as sane adults. Und so weiter. The individual isn’t all-powerful, and “identity” isn’t magic.

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