Womxn of Acxiexmxnt

It’s spreading.

It’s the wy DOUBLEYOU see ay – doubleyou for women. Not womxn, women. Women should be able to have things for them just as men are. I don’t think the YMCA has started referring to men as mxn so WHY IS THE YW REFERRING TO WOMEN AS WOMXN? Why is it always women who have to give way? Why is it so often women who rush to agree to give way?

Oh no, they slipped up.


Girls? GIRLS? Not gxrls? WHY NOT? Quick, somebody shove the girls aside too, before they start to think they’re real people just like boys.

Someone dared to question.

Wonder no more!

The YWCA Women of Achievement is now Womxn of Achievement. Why? YWCA is using this more inclusive and intersectional language to encompass a broader range of identities.

What “broader range of identities”? And what is too narrow about “women”? Why exactly can women not be allowed to have things that are just for women, not women and a broader range of identities? Why is it always women and women only who have to share?

And how does sticking an x into the word “women” make it more inclusive and intersectional anyway? What the fuck does it even mean? If I spell rabbit “rabxit” does that make it rabbits and skunks? What is magic about the letter x? Who squeals with joy at being included by “womxn” who felt left out by “women”? Anyone? Anyone at all in the whole fucking universe?

This shit gets on my nerves.

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