They had some questions

Remember the Wellcome Trust and “womxn”? From two days ago? With so much to laugh at in the list of 100 Narcissistic Non-negotiable Demands yesterday it’s easy to lose track.

It got a lot of [cough] disagreement so it explained its reasons.

I’m kidding, of course. “We’re using it because we feel that it is important to create a space/venue that includes diverse perspectives” explains nothing. For one thing why didn’t they include even more diverse perspectives by changing not just one pitiful letter but all the letters? Why not change “women” to “rbsnx”? But more seriously, what do they even think they’re talking about? Why do they think changing the spelling of the word that names half the population (while not doing that to the word that names the other, dominant half of the population) does anything to include diverse perspectives? What makes them think the word “women” excludes diverse perspectives? Are they even adults?

Replies were scorching.

So an hour ago they fixxxed it.

I still want to know why “with the intention of being inclusive” is their explanation. I still want to know exactly why the word “women” is seen as exclusionary. I still want to know why this weird covert handwaving campaign to shove women aside is so popular with people who see themselves as woke.

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