Snot right

Here he is saying it himself in his own hoarse breathless wheezy is he choking voice.

Notice how long it takes him to figure out what “mosque” spells.

Notice how he’s gasping between words.

“…over the past what now seems like a long period of time.”

Bit of a snag while he spells out “identifying.” That’s a hard word to read, isn’t it. I-denti-fying.

“…churches, synagocks, n………………………………….mosques, as essential places that provide [looks up, glares into the camera] ESSENTIAL servissuss.”

“Some governors have deemed licker stores n abortion clinics essential serivissus” [looks up] “snot right.”

“Sime currecting this injusstiss” [he’s slurring a lot today] and calling [looks up to glare] HOUSES OF WORSHUP ESSSENCHUL.”

“If there’s any question they’re gunna hafta call me but thur not gunna be successful in that call.”

“These are places that hold our society together and keep our people united”

Are they? Really? Is it all one direction? Is there no holding our society apart through rivalry and sectarianism? Is there no keeping people disunited over religious differences? And even if it’s true about the together and united, does it have to happen in groups of people in closed buildings during a pandemic? Can there not be services via Zoom? Don’t religious people want to help and shield their co-believers?

“Many Americans embrace worship as an essential part of life.”

While others embrace lying and bullying and grabbing women by the pussy. We know. Still doesn’t mean they can’t suspend in-person worship during a pandemic; still doesn’t mean they can’t do the worship at home.

He really does sound in bad shape today – breathless, gaspy, unable to speak clearly.

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