You’re a mess today sir?

Trump is on his way to Ypsilanti as we speak.

Hilariously, the transcript crawl renders the question about wearing a mask as “You’re a mess today at the Ford plant”? No doubt it will be corrected any minute now.

Anyway Trump of course doesn’t say he will, and does instantly change the subject. “I wanna NORmalize,” he says idiotically. Well duh, Sherlock, don’t we all; we’re not doing this because we like it. We wanna normalize too, but we also wanna stay alive so that we can enjoy the normal when it comes back, and we also wanna not kill other people, so that they can enjoy the normal when it comes back. The reason things are not normal right now is because of a novel virus that is highly contagious (though not nearly as highly contagious as the 1918 flu) and all too often fatal. Wanting things to be normal again does precisely zero to disempower that virus.

Trump squawks on:

Wunna the other things I wanna do is get the churches open. The churches are not being treated with respect by a lot of the Democrat governors. I wanna get our churches open, an wur gunna take a very strong pozzisshun on that very soon.

So I guess his plan is to tell all the governors they have to exempt churches from the no large gatherings rules, in the hope that tens of thousands of church-goers will die in the next couple of months. Seems a bizarre plan, even for him.

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