This utter garbage fire

This person didn’t like Suzanne Moore’s piece at all.

What’s next after what threat? There was no threat. There was a woman saying that Selina Todd should not have been told not to give her talk and that Woman’s Place UK clearly isn’t a hate group and that female is a biological classification that applies to all living species. None of that is any kind of threat, or anything like a threat, and women do have a right to organize and campaign as women without being screamed at and accused of terrorizing helpless male employees who identify as women. Jess was never in any danger from Suzanne Moore.

So today…

The Huffington Post UK has details:

A deepening row about The Guardian’s coverage of trans rights issues saw a trans woman dramatically announce her resignation in front of colleagues on Tuesday, HuffPost UK understands.

It is the third resignation from the paper’s UK office in months over the issue.

The worker confirmed to HuffPost UK she had handed in her notice a few weeks earlier, but chose to speak out in the busy news meeting on Tuesday over what she called “the straw that broke the camel’s back”.

That is, the worker decided to leverage his resignation into a new way to bully and manipulate anyone who doesn’t agree that men become women by Saying the Words.

The Guardian’s approach to covering trans rights issues has been the subject of internal battles. In 2018, three of the paper’s US staff publicly criticised the decision to run an editorial that they said “promoted transphobic viewpoints”.

Meaning, they published viewpoints that aren’t identical with the reality-denying bullshit that is trans ideology.

Last year, BuzzFeed reported the Guardian had lost two trans employees over its coverage of the issue, with one accusing the newspaper in an email to staff of being “an incredibly transphobic organisation”.

Meaning, an organization that includes some people who don’t agree with every item in the reality-denying bullshit that is trans ideology.

It’s not phobia to decline to believe or pretend to believe reality-denying bullshit. We have a right to resist lies and bullshit. That right is considerably more important, and of longer vintage, than the mythical “right” to be ratified as the sex one is not.

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