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Why cis men should never, ever play trans women as Eddie Redmayne admits ‘mistake’

But wait though. How do they know anyone is a cis man? Isn’t it a crime to assume people’s gender? How do they know Eddie Redmayne isn’t gender fluid and just hasn’t come out yet? How do they know he isn’t trans and hasn’t come out yet?

The debate on who gets to play what roles has been particularly prominent in recent years as the industry faces up to decades of misrepresentation.

Well…as a handful of activists yell louder and louder and ever louder.

Today, there is a broad consensus that trans roles should go to trans actors.

Is there? Who says? Where are the stats?

Also what does that mean? That trans men should play trans men and trans women, and trans women should play trans women and trans men? Just generic “character is trans so get a trans actor” regardless of which gender is being performed?

Richards goes on to list examples of successful trans actors, like Laverne Cox, Trace Lysette and Angelica Ross, who proudly live their lives as women, just as beautiful and feminine off-screen as they are on-screen.

And that of course is what “as women” means – being maximally beautiful and feminine. Most women are doing the woman-being all wrong, by not being beautiful and feminine enough, and men are here to show us how it’s done.

Richards directly contrasts this with Redmayne in The Danish Girl, admitting that while it’s certainly a convincing trans performance, “it reduces that person… to a performance of transness, a performance of femininity, rather than as a whole person of whom transness is one aspect of.”

But of course being a man pretending to be a woman is not at all a performance of femininity.

As Eddie Redmayne walks the red carpet in suit and tie, the epitome of masculinity and the antithesis of Lili Elbe, he reinforces the harmful and offensive trope that a trans woman’s identity is nothing more than a costume which, when removed, reveals a man beneath.

So harmful and offensive, and let me remind you how beautiful and feminine Laverne Cox is.

There aren’t enough eyes to roll, I swear.

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