Police are investigating

While Jolyon is persecuting lesbians in London, police in Bristol are persecuting a woman who, according to them, made “transphobic comments” to someone.

Police have released a CCTV image after transphobic comments were made to a woman.

Avon and Somerset Police are investigating the incident that occurred in the St Paul’s area.

The transphobic comments were made by an “unknown woman” in Badminton Road at around 6.50pm on Thursday, May 6.

But can we trust the police on this? Can we trust them to know the comments were genuinely transphobic as opposed to ordinary statements of fact?

Also, do the police ever put out announcements like this when, say, a man calls a woman a bitch and a cunt and a Karen?

Officers have now issued a photo of a woman in their 50s who they wish to speak with in connection with the investigation.

What? What is this woman doing in the police’s 50s? What are the police’s 50s? Is it a part of their uniform?

No, the reporter, Rebecca Cook, must be confused. “What’s that pronoun rule again? I always forget. I guess it’s to call trans women ‘she’ but never ever call a woman that – a woman has to be called ‘they.’ That’s it: a woman in their 50s. Most elegant.”

Stepping back a bit – the lurid headline shouts:

Transphobic comments made to woman in hate crime

Except the “woman” in “to woman” isn’t a woman. This is a man persecuting a woman via the police, and reporters happily calling that a “hate crime.”

A force spokesperson said: “We are appealing for information that could assist us with our investigation into a hate crime in the St Paul’s area of Bristol.

“A female was in Badminton Road at approximately 6.50pm on Thursday 6 May when transphobic comments were made by an unknown woman.”

So now the man is “a female” while the woman is a woman? Isn’t that a hate crime? Aren’t we supposed to call the man “a woman” and the woman a…hmmm what are we supposed to call her? Bitchcuntkarenfemale again?

“Enquiries have been subsequently carried out and we’re issuing a photo of someone who we wish to talk to in connection with our investigation. They are described as a Black female and in their 50s.”

Ah so it’s the police who called the woman “they” and the reporter followed their lead. Why are the police calling a woman “they”? And why is she called “a female” while the man is called “a woman”?

Also…really? The police are losing their shit at a Black woman in her 50s because a man in a dress said she’s “transphobic”? Really?

There’s an update at the top of the page:

******Update: police have now located the woman*******

I hope she doesn’t get the death penalty.

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