After a spate of unfortunate “incidents”

Hooray, a December panto at the Norwich Playhouse.

Spooky Kid Productions presents

Thu 10th Dec to Sat 12th Dec – 7:30pm
2 hours plus interval
£15 all tickets (+ £1.20 per transaction when tickets posted)

Jack The Ripper The Panto

Ahahahahaha look at her, isn’t that funny? No teeth, because she’s poor, you see, and big tits because she’s a whore, and terrified because of the knife. How funny! What larks!


Based on the 19th century’s most notorious killer, Jack The Ripper The Panto is a love story with prostitutes, murders, drugs and a good old sing song.

After a spate of unfortunate “incidents” Jack Ripper is forced to flee to London with only Manson, the psychotic cat, and a Fairy Godmother for company. With no shelter and no food Jack is forced to take drastic steps to survive. Falling foul of Inspector Abberline and the London Peelers and falling in love with brothel cleaner and wannabe prostitute Cindy, only one thing’s certain – this isn’t going to end well. Throw in a load of audience participation, the singalong favourite Thrash Me Thrash Me, and a laugh-a-minute script, and you have an unmissable evening’s entertainment.

Jack The Ripper The Panto has sold out theatres in the region since 2009 with its blend of politically incorrect comedy mixed with the pantomime structure we all know from our childhood. Please be aware, however, this is not a show for children, or, for that matter, the easily offended, or basically anyone who doesn’t think the idea of a pantomime about Jack the Ripper is big, clever or funny!

Excuse me, I have to go autoclave myself.

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