Selfies with a mutilated corpse

Just fucking unbelievable. The Jack the Ripper “museum” was promoting the opportunity to take selfies with “Jack” and the facsimile corpse of one of the murdered mutilated women. Selfies with the corpse of a slashed woman. What is wrong with everyone?

The museum was promising Halloween selfies with models of his victims and the founder of the museum, who was dressed as Jack the Ripper.

“Dressed as Jack the Ripper” doesn’t mean anything, because no one knows who the murderer was. “Perp the mutilator” would be a better name for him. (Yes, I doubt the perp was a woman.)

On their website, they posted: “How about a picture with Jack in Mitre Square together with the body of Catherine Eddowes?”

No doubt they did that in order to get publicity, and no doubt we’re falling into their trap by talking about it, but too bad. They did it to drum up business, whether by deliberately stirring up outrage or not; it’s misogynist and disgusting either way. They’re dealing in anti-erotic anti-women porn, the kind of porn that’s for men who can’t get it up unless they’re fantasizing about violence against women. That is fucked up.

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