The “Men’s & motor” area

Gender policing? What gender policing? I can’t imagine what that could possibly be.

A supermarket has apologised after copies of a science magazine were displayed in the men’s interest section of its news stand.

A biology graduate complained to Morrisons after the weekly New Scientist magazine was moved to the “Men’s & motor” area of the rack at the Woohouse Land store in Leeds.

No science for women. Women are too pink and fluffy and frothy to be interested in science. Women are interested only in bride magazines and how to arrange your hair magazines. Everything else is over their heads.

Writing in a Facebook post seen by The Tab student newspaper, former Leeds student Sophie Anam said that the display gave a negative message to girls.

That science isn’t for them? But is that really a negative message, if you truly think about it? Women are so much happier and more content with their lot if people don’t encourage them to think they can do things like science and engineering and politics.

The supermarket sparked further controversy when it responded to Ms Anam: “this magazine has been placed under this section is that it is a generally a men’s general interest magazine.”

No. No, it really isn’t. Sarcasm aside, that’s a staggeringly insulting thing to say. Half, remember? We’re not some funny little fringe group, we’re half. No, we’re not mentally children.

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Sophia Anam on Twitter

The good news is that Morrisons pulled itself together and said the sign was a mistake.

The incident occurred in a climate of concern that women are underrepresented and put off from careers in science, technology, engineering, and mathematics (Stem) because of societal pressures.

Despite the constantly reiterated insistence of Christina Hoff Sommers that all that has been fixed now.

Women currently make up around 12.8 per cent of the Stem workforce, according to the campaign group Women in Science and Engineering (Wise).

The figure was compounded by a recent study which found that women are less likely to become scientists and engineers because they are taught to believe that such professions require innate intellectual brilliance rather than hard work.

So let’s do better, shall we?

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