Wondering about the criteria

Reginald Harper wonders why the Manchester Students’ Union banned Julie Bindel and (later, after protest) Milo Yiannopoulos from a debate proposed by the Free Speech society, while allowing, indeed welcoming and promoting, Muslim Engagement and Development’s (MEND) exhibition on Islamophobia.

Abu Eesa Niamatullah, MEND’s CEO, has come under fire for comments he made on Facebook regarding women, such as, “Don’t try to understand women. Women understand women and they hate each other.” When feminists responded with outrage, Niamatullah responded that feminism was antithetical to Islam, and that he relished women’s anger over his comments:

For you, carry on burning in your rage. There is nothing that delights me more by God than making you mad. I hope you spend the rest of this entire week spending every second thinking about these comments and it freaking you out.

He says a lot more than that, and it’s ugly stuff. Let’s read some more.

I absolutely believe that feminists – with all the nuances of that title that I stated on my earlier comments today – are the enemies of Islamic orthodoxy and to refute them is a rewarded act. The reason for this can be seen in their corrupt and insincere approach with other people. My refutations and responses are done according to the level of their intellect. Thus, when you have an interlocutor who derives from the statement, “Don’t try to understand women. Women understand women and they hate each other”, that one is therefore legitimising or supporting or promoting the beating of women, or the rape of women, or the abuse of children, or FGM etc – as was stated by such a feminist – then one finds little other option but to descend into such stupidity and intellectual failure, and entertain them at their chosen level. To humiliate them. To expose their stupidity. To show how insincere and how irrelevant such feminists are when it comes to defending the rights of individuals who are oppressed and abused.


As for the feminists who were offended then I hope that your offence burns in your heart and causes you to wither and wiggle in rage. *Your* contention is not about personal opinion or taste. Or not liking a joke or not or thinking it went over the top or not. Your problem is far deeper. Look at the people who are picking up these comments: Islamophobes and journalists and all and sundry. Why? Ask yourself that question. Who are allies to who? You promoters of feminism and complainants thereafter are nearly always associated with secular humanist thought and tendencies. A brief perusal of your work will expose who makes Allah’s law their standard, and who makes their own intellect their standard. You are the people who are desperate to remove from our tradition any statement or mention of that which your ideological masters disagree with whether that be female circumcision, or the defining of the age of puberty for girls for marriage, or the institution of polygamy, or the parameters of hijab and jilbab, and so on from a thousand issues concerning female fiqh and indeed anything else you don’t like.

That’s what led up to the “burn in your rage” remark. That theocratic anti-humanist authoritarian garbage is what Abu Eesa Niamatullah stands for and promotes, yet the Manchester SU promotes him while banning Julie Bindel.

Wtf is wrong with everyone?

Reginald Harper continues:

MEND continues to promote views that are unequivocally antisemitic and anti-women. Azad Ali, Mend’s director of engagement, is an extremist who has given support to the killing of British troops. Yasir Qadhi, MEND’s speaker for their “Islam in Britain” events this year, is already controversial for claiming that the Holocaust was a hoax. In addition, he has also gone on record as saying that women should be entirely barred from the workplace:

Women should not be in the workplace whatsoever. Full stop. I simply can’t imagine how we will safeguard our Islamic identity in the future and build strong Muslim communities in the West with women wanting to go out and becoming employed in the hell that it is out there.

Qadhi thinks half of humanity should be denied fundamental human rights, yet he is welcome while Julie Bindel is called names and banned.


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