A big stake

Today in Trump News –

Yesterday’s fascist rally in Michigan:

Again: this isn’t what presidents-elect do. They work hard to get up to speed on the job, they read intelligence briefings, they learn as much as they can. They don’t bounce around the country working up their fans.

Another thing presidents-elect and presidents don’t do: produce tv shows. The NY Times reports that Donnie from Queens will be executive producer of The Apprentice starting in January (funnily enough, the same month he takes over that other job).

President-elect Donald J. Trump is entering office with financial entanglements that are exotic and far-flung: a condominium project in Manila, a luxury furniture maker in Istanbul, golf courses in Scotland and Ireland, and a hotel in Azerbaijan.

But starting next month, Mr. Trump’s most visible business interest will be beamed directly into millions of American living rooms: “The Celebrity Apprentice” is back, and the president-elect is coming with it.

Just weeks before Inauguration Day, Mr. Trump will resume his role as an executive producer of the NBC reality show, an unlikely side project for a commander in chief, and one that is poised to bring him hundreds of thousands of dollars in income.

“Unlikely” is putting it gently. Wholly inappropriate would be a start.

“I think it’s weird,” said Newt Gingrich, a close campaign ally of Mr. Trump, holding back chuckles during a Fox News interview. “Donald J. Trump is going to be the executive producer of a thing called the American government. He is going to have this huge TV show called ‘Leading the World.’”

Added Mr. Gingrich: “I think he’s still going through some transition things here, where it hasn’t quite sunk in.”

Hmmm no. That level of not quite sinking in has to be called what it is: mind-numbingly stupid.

On Twitter though, Trump explained that he has nothing to do with The Apprentice, nothing at all, apart from a couple of tiny insignificant details.

He has nothing to do with it other than having a big stake in it. Oh well then, that’s different.

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