A huge intellectual dead-end

Meghan Murphy has thoughts on Everyday Feminism’s ridiculous withdrawal of Alice Dreger’s article, calling it news from the modern day witch hunt.

I don’t use the term “witch” lightly here. The McCarthyist campaign against women, particularly, who fail to toe the party line when it comes to feminism and gender is very much comparable to the witch hunts that extended throughout much of the 20th century. Women are quite literally being silenced and persecuted for speaking out against a kind of dogma that naturalizes the idea that innate gender identity exists from birth, as well as for the crime of understanding that, historically, women’s oppression has been directly attached to their female biology.

As feminists and as critical thinkers, it is our responsibility to push back against the silencing and censorship of women’s voices. It is neither wrong, nor dangerous, to question the idea of innate gender identity or the existence of a gender binary, created and enforced through patriarchy. It is unacceptable that a purportedly feminist publication would buy into and support this kind of smearing, which only serves to further entrench a culture of fear, effectively discouraging their young readers from thinking for themselves and exploring ideas critically.

Damn right.

I think the culture of fear is starting to erode though. There are too many of us pushing back now for it to continue to thrive.

Emily Nussbaum for one:

This is ridiculous & infuriating & a huge intellectual dead-end.

Helen Lewis:

Women still have to fight so hard to be heard. I hate the idea that one controversial opinion gets you cast out.
It’s BS. It’s wrong but it’s also harmful: it makes journalism & debate & feminism itself more paranoid & narrower.

@evrydayfeminism is so wrong! A movement without room for @alicedreger is so much the poorer. @helenlewis

Mind you, there is a school of thought that says Everyday Feminism is just a long-form parody.

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