A seemingly friendly employee offered her help

David Futrelle reports on a horrendous thing that was done to Chanty Binx – the red-haired hate figure who’s been abused by the abusive gang online for the past three years.

Now one of her haters has put her back in the spotlight again, and in a supremely creepy manner. Not long ago, you see, Binx stopped by a government-run liquor store in the Toronto area to pick up a bottle of wine. A seemingly friendly employee offered her help.

In fact, he claimed later, he had recognized her from the internet, and was hoping to hear her speak to make sure she really was who he thought she was.

After she left, he somehow accessed the store’s surveillance footage, took a screenshot of her visit to the store, and put it up on Facebook (without the blurs you see below):


Gruesome enough? Woman has the audacity to go to a store, and a worker at the store steals security footage of her and posts it on Facebook with abusive commentary.

This time Binx has decided not to lay low. She spoke with CityNews about the latest twist in the internet war on her. The report is chilling, and well worth watching.

“[I feel like] I’m being watched constantly,” she told CityNews. “No matter what I do, I’m under a monitor.”

Now that the CityNews segment has run, the hate campaign against her has predictably ramped up again.

Futrelle included a selection of the violent fantasies expressed about torturing her to death. There’s one about a gang of men ripping her cunt to shreds and stomping on her ugly tits and smashing her teeth with a hammer and fucking her face until she dies and cutting open her body and pouring in lye. Good healthy stuff, it’s great that they get it out there instead of letting it fester.

What makes me all the more disgusted by this is remembering that Richard Dawkins chose to tell his million-plus followers to go ahead and mock her a few months ago. He told them: “Yes, she deserves abundant mockery, the more the merrier.” It was before the stroke; it may be that he wouldn’t do that kind of thing now even if he hadn’t turned his Twitter account over to the RDF staff…but he did it then. He did it even though many people begged him to stop. Who knows if maybe the guy at the liquor store was encouraged by Dawkins to “mock her” by posting stolen security footage of her buying a bottle of wine.

That’s a very bad tiger to ride.

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