A water bottle

An incident in India, via the Times of India:

BHOPAL: In a case of extreme brutality, a Jabalpur youth was allegedly tied to the window grille of a Mumbai-bound train and thrashed by three youths for drinking water from their bottle.

A video of the incident that took place on the Patliputra-Lokmanya Tilak Terminal (12142) train on March 25 went viral on Tuesday. Police ordered a probe into the matter after studying the footage.

Sumit Kachi, who was travelling to Mumbai, boarded the train in Jabalpur on March 24. While on the train, he drank water from a bottle belonging to co-travellers Vicky, Ravi and Balram, all from Patna.

The trio allegedly tied him to window grille of the coach and whipped him with their belts whenever the train stopped, throughout the 245km journey from Jabalpur to Itarsi. The youth was ultimately rescued by vendors at Itarsi railway station on March 25 and taken to the police station.

The ToI doesn’t say it, but I gather from Facebook discussions that what’s going on here is untouchability…and indeed it’s hard to make sense of it otherwise.

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