Buffoons who end up ruling their worlds

A bit later Trevor Noah said more about Trump’s skills as a crowd-pleaser.

You know, funny enough, one of the biggest moments of realization was when Donald Trump won the election because when I came into the show, I said, I think this guy can win. This was when he first came down that escalator. He gave his first speech. And then I was like, wow, this guy’s going to do well. And I remember man – people laughed at me. People were like, oh, you silly ignorant person who’s just come to this world. You clearly shouldn’t be at “The Daily Show” because you don’t know what you’re talking about.

And I was like, but I don’t know. He seems like he connects with people. I can relate to him as a performer. I can see what tools he’s using. He’s good at riffing. He’s good at taking the crowd on a journey. I can see what he’s doing. And people would say – and all throughout the race – and there were times when on the show I would mention it. You know, I mean, that’s why I said Trump reminds me of an African dictator. And that’s where that came from because everyone said to me this guy is – he’s just a fool. He’s just – he’s a buffoon.

I said, yeah, you can say that, but I’ve seen this before. I have seen this before. I’ve seen clowns that go on to take over their countries. I’ve seen buffoons who end up ruling their worlds. And it came to pass. And I’ve just come to realize I’m going to share my point of view. Some people won’t like me for it, some people will. I will work every day to be as honest as I can because I do believe that we’re all trying to get to the same place. But various people have tricked us into believing that we are not.

And I see America going into that space. And I know that in South Africa, we were in that space and we’re still suffering from that space. And that was where a government very successfully convinced the majority of a population that every single person there was blocking the other people from achieving greatness in the country only to realize that we were all being oppressed at the same time.

It’s true and it’s infinitely depressing. Trump is a buffoon. He is empty. And he’s going to ruin everything.

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