Daddy and hubby in court

Samia Shahid’s father and first husband have been arrested and appeared in court.

Her first husband, Choudhry Shakeel, has been arrested on suspicion of her murder while her father Mohammad has been held as an accessory to murder.

Both appeared in court in Pakistan and have been remanded for four days.

Her father. Her father (allegedly) helped the husband she was forced to marry to murder her. I can never get used to that.

Shaimaa Khalil, a BBC Pakistan Correspondent, reported from Jhelum:

The police car which brought them to the court was surrounded by journalists. I got as close as I could to them to see if they would comment but they did not.

The media were barred from entering the courtroom and the hearing could not have lasted more than two minutes with the judge remanding them in custody for four days while the investigation into Samia Shahid’s murder continues.

They could still sweep it under the rug.

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