Find and delete the word “women”

Now it’s the National Women’s Law Center.

Starting in just 10 minutes we’ll be tweeting with @ABetterBalance to support pregnant people in the workforce! Join us with #PDA38!

The National Women’s Law Center avoiding the word “women.” When talking about pregnancy.

38 years after the Pregnancy Discrimination Act, too many people are still forced to choose between a paycheck & a healthy pregnancy. #PDA38

It’s the National Women’s Law Center. They’re allowed to talk about women. They have to talk about women, if they’re going to do what their name indicates they’re going to do.

Tell Congress to ensure reasonable accommodations for all pregnant people at work: #PDA38

They’re helping to erase their own constituency.

Who else does this? Who else is this stupid and masochistic and self-abnegating? No one! Anti-racism activists don’t do this, LGB rights activists don’t do this, labor activists don’t do this, nobody does this except women. And everybody else looks on approvingly as women compliantly erase themselves at the behest of others.

The National Women’s Law Center is going to have to re-name itself the National People’s Law Center. No feminism for you.

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