Gingrich says there are rumors

Newt Gingrich spat some poison on a Fox poison-show yesterday:

I believe, and I’ve said this in my newsletter as you know, and I’ve said it actually with you when we talked around midnight after the debate Monday night. This was the Holt-Clinton vs Trump debate, and you have to see it as tag-team. Holt was on Clinton’s team. This moderator stuff is nonsense, and I predict to you that Anderson Cooper will be ten times worse than Holt because he’s so deeply prejudiced against Trump. I think what you’re going to see is a — and Trump’s just got to prepare for this. Every single debate is going to be a double-team. He’s going to have the moderator who’s a liberal, and he’s going to have Hillary, and they’re both going to be on the same team.

And there are rumors that Hillary was actually given the questions in advance. I don’t know if it’s true but it would not shock me because they all operate in the same circle.

They both knew “the questions” in advance. The topics were announced in advance. It wasn’t an algebra test, it was a debate on broad policy issues. Clinton didn’t “cheat” or steal her neighbor’s answers, she prepared. Trump didn’t prepare because he’s too dim and restless and light-minded.

Also there’s that “there are rumors” bullshit which is just an excuse to plant a lie.

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