Guest post: How do you like our Catholic youth, the future of our nation?

Originally a comment by Ariel on They all stated without hesitation that it was wrong and forbidden.

Catholics, huh? Well, if you are interested in reactions of people in more distant and exotic parts of the world, here it goes.

Here in Poland we have a nationalist-Catholic organization called „All-Polish Youth”. Sweet people. Soon after the Orlando attack, on their Facebook site you could read the infamous quote from Leviticus (“If a man lies with a male as with a woman, both of them have committed an abomination; they shall surely be put to death; their blood is upon them”), attached to a photo of the Orlando club.

This provoked a lot of outrage and the Facebook post was removed. However, on their Facebook site we read now:

Dear leftists […] we are not ashamed of any quote from the Bible. Our previous post informing about the Orlando massacre was deleted by pure mistake. We didn’t insert it again because Robert Winnicki made a short and blunt comment describing this matter, which we decided to share. Please publish the screenshot with our previous post all over the net. We are not ashamed at all.

In Winnicki’s post, shared by the All-Polish Youth, we read:

Here are the facts. The massacre was done by an Afghan in a club where nobody could defend himself because it was declared a “gun-free zone”.

Let’s sum it up:

– homosexuals

– pacifism and disarmament

– a Muslim immigrant

Here you’ve got everything that the Left loves so much!

By the way, this tragedy is symbolic. It is exactly such a gun-free mess with plenty of immigrants* that you want to create both in the West and in Poland. We will not let it happen.

*Literally: “a gun-free brothel infested with alien immigrants”.

How do you like our Catholic youth, the future of our nation? Yup, I’m sure you are enchanted. Me too. Believe me.

On the other hand, soon after the massacre one of our most popular leftist politicians* has said in an interview that he sees “no difference between the religious radicalism of the Islamists and the radicalism of some Christians”. Literally speaking, this is of course quite correct (note the quantifier “some” in “some Christians”) … but as a political message just after the killings? Hmm…

*Which means that he can count on perhaps 10% of votes in the next presidential election – that is, if he is both lucky and smart enough to abstain from such remarks in the future.

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