Guest post: The last time this kind of nationalism was seen

Guest post by Pieter Droogendijk, originally on Facebook.

It’s a particular kind of person that calls for leaving the E.U, and congratulates the U.K. for doing so. Lots of labels have been used to describe them. Racists, bigots, isolationists, xenophobes, whatever. They may be some of those, or even most of those, but not one of them describes everyone.

But there is one label that describes them all:


Every one of them thinks Britain is better on its own. ‘Cause fuck everyone else, right? We don’t need the krauts, or the poles, or those milk-drinking clog-fuckers in the Netherlands! Fuck Brussels, and fuck the E.U. We’re the best, ’cause Great is in the name, son!

Nationalism. And it’s on the rise, world-wide.

We’ve got Wilders. Leave the E.U, close the borders, we’ll do it on our own ’cause we’re the best, and fuck all the brown people.

Donald Trump. Build a wall, keep the aliens out. Make America White Again!

Erdogan, Turkey’s best. Putin, Russia’s best. Beatrix von Storch of the German AfD. Sweden Democrats. Danish People’s Party. The fucking Golden Dawn, in Greece. Fucking hell, those guys.

Guess what, folks? They can’t all be right. But you can all be wrong.

So what does this have to do with the E.U? Well, what do you hear from the brexitters?

“What about all the rules? What about corruption? What about money? What about Greece? What about refugees?”

Guess what. It’s a political body. It’s not perfect. But just because it’s not perfect, doesn’t mean it’s not worth having. And I’ll tell you why.

The last time this kind of nationalism was seen, it ended up destroying Europe in something we now call World War II. When that was over, and the world was in shambles, a bunch of nations decided to try to prevent it from happening a third time in a row.

To foster an atmosphere of cooperation. For trade, free movement, liberty, and economic stability. Rise together, fall together. An ALLIANCE. You know, all that shit the GOOD GUYS always talk about in movies.

That’s what the fucking European Union means to me. I’m not Dutch. I’m a European, living in the Netherlands.

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