Jehovah’s vandals

Jehovah’s Witnesses destroy an indigenous religious site in Mexico on the grounds that it’s not Christian.

Members of the Christian sect Jehovah’s Witness reportedly destroyed a sacred Indigenous archaeological heritage site in central eastern Mexico in an act of apparent religious intolerance, claiming the traditional rituals practiced at the ancient ceremonial place were “not Christian,” local media reported Monday.

I don’t suppose they claim to be Christian, either, but so what? Do other religions have to ask permission of Christian sects to practice their religion? Is that a general rule? I’d love to see what the JWs would make of some Hindu vandals smashing up their temples.

The attack on the more than 7,000 year-old Makonikha sanctuary in the central Mexican state of Hidalgo destroyed at least a dozen stone structures used as altars in the spirituality of the Otomi Indigenous people.

Apparently the JWs said yeah we did that.

Members of the Christian sect say the destruction was motivated by a belief that the ancient Indigenous religion involved devil worship. The perpetrators claim that they were following the word of god by destroying the temple site.

The ancient religion of the Otomi people traditionally holds sacred various deities including earth, water, and fire, and reveres their gods with offerings.

The Otomi people could just tear up the JWs’ sites and say they’re following the word of their gods in doing so, and how would the JWs like that? Not much, I should think.

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