My turn to give advice

You know what I wish? I wish Dawkins would just change direction. I wish he would buckle down and find out who all those progressive feminist universalist Muslim and ex-Muslim women are and promote them. That’s what. I wish he would stop using his massive Twitter voice to attack and bully individual women he takes a dislike to, and individual Muslim schoolboys he takes a dislike to, and instead use it to tell his million fans about people he likes. Stop the bashing, and start promoting instead.

He could do that. It wouldn’t hurt him. It would be fun, and he could feel he was accomplishing something. He would be accomplishing something. He’d be putting his fame to good use.

What’s he accomplishing now? What good does he do by trashing feminism and promoting other people who trash feminism? How does that help anything? In fact how is he not just wasting valuable time and resources that he could be devoting to promoting the very people he claims to be such an ardent ally of? I feel like writing a new Dear Muslima addressed to him. Millions of girls taken out of school to be married to men older than their fathers, and here’s Dawkins busy retweeting MRAs all day instead of doing anything to help those girls.

I’m serious. He could be helping, and he’s not. Why not?

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