Operation #TrumpCup

Jim Wright:

Apparently the latest trend is for conservatives to go to Starbucks and order a drink and when the barista asks for the name on the order they say “Trump.”

This means the liberal company run by famously liberal CEO Howard Schultz is now shouting “Trump!” from behind the counter several thousand times a day all across the country.

Conservatives who’ve never shopped at Starbucks are now dropping in to pull this stunt. They’re right now busy organizing trips to their local franchise via social media and posting pictures of their orders on Twitter and Facebook.

#TrumpCup is currently trending on Twitter.

Which conservatives find hilarious.

And it IS hilarious.

Especially when you realize Trump is getting his revenge on those who opposed his candidacy by having tens of thousands of his supporters buy $12 coffee drinks from his enemies.

A very cunning plan.


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