Rather than talking about women all of the time

There’s a popular open Facebook group, Occupy Menstruation.

Today it has a post excited about degendering menstruation.

Degendering Menstruation: It’s Beginning

I see a shift happening in the collective consciousness of the menstrual activist community. People are posting simple reminders that it is not only women who bleed, and slowly this is changing the language chosen for posts—rather than talking about women all of the time, people can start talking about menstruators.

Well thank fuck for that, right? I’m so sick of people talking about women all the time. Goddam women – they suck up all the oxygen in the room and then ask for even more. Women dominate everything, and nobody else can ever get a word in.

There are some woo comments on that post.

Miranda Grey whose next Worldwide Womb Blessing is coming on on Monday, February 22, issued a very inclusive statement recently saying that the Divine Feminine energies belong to everyone. “The Womb Blessing is open to all who resonate with the energy, with or without a womb or a cycle,” she wrote and specifically welcomed trans gender people to explore her womb blessing.

Oh yes the Divine Feminine energies handing out womb blessings – it doesn’t get any better than that.

Menstrual blood is sacred. It contains coded dna reflections of our current levels of consciousness. As well as ancestral information. It also contains the building blocks of life…creating a human. Inserting a vagina onto a man will not be able to replicate that. He doesn’t have the necessary inner workings to bleed as a biological female does.
Man has his own sacred fluid which is sperm containing his genetic and spiritual codes. Yes the collective consciousness now wants to evolve beyond male and female restrictions and according to many it has been on the cards for some time for humanity.

Menstrual blood contains coded DNA reflections of our current levels of consciousness? I did not know that. I thought it contained chunks of endometrial tissue.

Me, I hate the whole linkage of women with that kind of bullshit. I identify as bullshit-averse.

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