Sad and rejected on the 66th floor

Aww. The Times reports that Trump had nowhere to go Saturday afternoon. The mean kids told him he couldn’t come to the party after all, and he had nowhere else to go, so he had to sit home alone while everyone else had fun.

Mr. Trump was asked to stay away from a party gathering Saturday afternoon in Wisconsin, where Speaker Paul D. Ryan and other state luminaries took the stage, a striking rebuke that left the Republican nominee for president with no place to go on a Saturday 31 days before the election.

So he remained inside his enormous penthouse apartment on the 66th floor, and his corporate suite 40 stories below, for almost all of Friday and Saturday.


At times he was joined by his small circle of loyalists, who arrived to prepare him for Sunday night’s debate against Hillary Clinton but instead spent much of the time trying to figure out how to undo the damage wrought by the surfacing of an 11-year-old video recording on which he can be heard gleefully describing pushing himself on women and sexually assaulting them.

There you go. That’s how to report it – gleefully describing pushing himself on women and sexually assaulting them. Finally; thank you.

And there’s no way those fuckers can “undo” the “damage” that wrought, because it shows what Trump is: a callous greedy entitled pig of a man who likes to assault women he considers hot.

At other times, Mr. Trump retreated to Twitter, where he retweeted posts from an account that says it belongs to a woman who had long ago accused Bill Clinton of rape.

Mr. Trump called a few reporters but lacked his usual gusto.

And he kept returning to watching coverage on CNN, the cable outlet he derides as biased against him but still tunes in to most often, and becoming more upset as he saw Republican officials condemn him one by one.

Mr. Trump has been rattled by the release of the 2005 video recording, according to two people with direct knowledge of his mood who were granted anonymity to candidly describe the situation.

Yes, they have direct knowledge in the sense that they were in the room. They had to, to know he was veering between Twitter and CNN.

They urged him to be humble, and he thought he had been. I believe it. He has the self-awareness of a hammer.

To him, the criticism was an affirmation that “nothing he can say or do” would reduce the hostility directed his way, according to one of the people with knowledge of how he feels.

Jesus. One, welcome to politics, dude. Two, the hostility is rooted in Trump’s own behavior. Three, I can actually think of some things he could do to reduce the hostility a little, but he would never ever do them, because he’s a bad man. Four, did he think running for president would lead to universal love for him?

Inside the tower on Saturday, different plans of action were discussed. Mr. Trump and his advisers considered a joint television interview that he and Ms. Trump would give to a major network, an echo of the 1992 appearance by the Clintons on “60 Minutes” after Gennifer Flowers claimed that she had had an affair with Mr. Clinton.

They were talking away about it, despite Trump’s lack of enthusiasm, but then more happened.

Nancy O’Dell, the former “Access Hollywood” host whom Mr. Trump had lewdly described in the recording, issued a statement denouncing his comments. And then more tapes of Mr. Trump speaking crudely about women, this time on “The Howard Stern Show,” turned up on television.

That was the end of the interview idea.

Mr. Christie and Mr. Priebus told Mr. Trump that the situation with other Republicans was becoming dire. Other advisers assured Mr. Trump that attacking Mrs. Clinton over her husband’s behavior with women, and over reports that she had defended his behavior, would help rally Republicans again.

Yeah, go with that – attack the woman for what her husband did. That’s a good look. That will turn the whole thing around, I’m sure.

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