School theocracy

The British Humanist Association:

New Government plans announced today are very serious – and we need to mobilise against them.

Theresa May’s plans entail removing the current cap on religious discrimination in English schools so that new schools can discriminate by religion in 100% of places.

This is a direct result of lobbying from the Catholic Church, whose policy has been against any requirement for Catholic pupils to mix with those of other faiths and no faith.

But the evidence is crystal clear that discrimination by religion compounds social selection and leads to segregation by class, race, and even gender in schools across the country. More discrimination of this sort serves no one’s agenda but those of religious leaders – and it threatens to undermine integration in our communities.

We have to act quickly and we need your support to act decisively. Joining the BHA adds to our weight as a campaigning organisation and fund us to do more to stop these plans. Please, will you join us? The link to do so is Thank you.

These are state schools we’re talking about, not the strictly private religious schools. This is state schools excluding students for being of no religion or the wrong religion. It’s deplorable.

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