Special snowflake edition

The Guardian asked “young people” around the world how they “define” their “gender.” The result is what you would expect from such a ridiculous question directed at such a demographic.

Some days Daniela Esquivel Asturias, 21, wakes up feeling feminine and puts on a dress or lipstick. But on others Asturias feels much more masculine and the thought of wearing a skirt induces an overwhelming sense of dysmorphia.

“I would be equally comfortable with a male or female body. My male personality is more outgoing than my female one. It’s like having both male and female energies and some days a mix of both,” Asturias says.


Oh my god have you ever heard anything so original and fascinating and new ever in your life before? Have you ever encountered a human being who had different moods before??

The student from Costa Rica is gender fluid, and doesn’t identify with one gender, instead fluctuating between feeling more male or female.

Unlike all the rest of us dull plodding not-young people who have always 100% “identified” with one “gender” our whole lives.

It’s hard to explain, Asturias says, before referring to the way society tends to define gender, on a spectrum. “At one end is being male and the other female, and you kind of move between the two, and usually remain in the middle.”

This is just one of the individual stories sent to the Guardian as part of a survey inviting millennials to define their gender.

Next up, the Guardian will report on an astounding new trick you can do where you add yeast to flour and make something they’re calling “bread”…

Young people are increasingly challenging conventional gender stereotypes

Let me stop you right there. No they’re not. They may think they are, you may think they are, but they’re not. Much of the time what they’re actually doing is reifying conventional gender stereotypes so that they can boast about being outside them.

This idea that nobody challenged gender stereotypes and rules until a couple of weeks ago is so clueless it’s a scandal.

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