Progressive politics in action, Goldsmiths division

Kate Smurthwaite’s show at Goldsmiths was rescheduled and then canceled at the last minute and rescheduled and canceled at the last minute again – and rescheduled again, for this evening. She was bracing for another last minute cancellation but it didn’t come so she did the show

– and this is how they did it this time:

Ok I really didn’t think people were actually such arseholes as this but: after being banned from performing at Goldsmith’s College, then after much discussion invited back, having the show cancelled twice due to rather suspicious problems identified by the SU, a LOT of hard work from Asher and Shaz and the organising group, tonight we finally did the show. We wanted to do it as a benefit for Refugee Action. We made the tickets free and asked people to donate at the door so the charity would get 100% of the money and no-one on a tight budget would miss out. We fully booked out overnight and I spent a lot of the last couple of days telling people I was sorry there was no more room but we couldn’t risk breaking the room’s fire capacity and giving the SU another excuse to chuck us out. Well it turned out that the tickets had been reserved in bulk by people using spurious email addresses to make a point by then not showing up. So a load of people who wanted to see my show were not able to and a vital charity doing life-saving work missed out on at least several hundred quid, maybe more. I hope you’re really proud you fucking shitbags.

How disgusting is that?

Updating to add: Kate has a fundraising page in case you want to help make up what the fucking shitbags blocked.

Raising money for

Refugee Action

Refugee Action

Charity Registration No. 283660

We believe in human rights. We believe in fairness and equality. We believe that no one seeking asylum in the UK should be left destitute. Together, we can create a society where people escaping armed conflict, torture and persecution are welcomed, supported and are able to build their own future

The donations are tumbling in.

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