This time we don’t like the paperwork

Back at the beginning of February I posted about Kate Smurthwaite’s scheduled triumphant return to Goldsmiths (after the SU canceled her show last year for no good reason).

The Goldsmiths Atheist, Secularist and Humanist society will be holding a stand-up show featuring the triumphant return of Kate Smurthwaite to perform along with comedian James Ross. Tickets are free but limited so please confirm on Eventbrite, alcohol will be provided and we will be collecting money for Refugee action at the event, so bring your coins!

Left-wing, highbrow, feminist, atheist comedy from Kate Smurthwaite  – ThreeWeeks award winner and writer for Have I Got News For You? and BBC3’s BAFTA-winning The Revolution Will Be Televised.  Kate has appeared on Question Time and is a regular on The Big Questions, The Moral Maze and This Morning but was recently deemed “too controversial” for Goldsmith’s College.

Her new comedy solo show is called “The wrong sort of Feminist” and is about her barring from Goldsmiths last year, choice and freedom, the feminist movement, the treatment of asylum seekers in Britain, Couples Come Dine with Me and edible pants.

Her show has had great reviews with Three weeks saying its “comedy that cuts through the crap”, Broadway baby saying “The verve with which she articulates her views on our land is monumental”, the Spectator saying ““Hilarious… A powerhouse of observational wit” and Scotsgay noting “An important and inclusive narrative… a brilliant comedian”.

It was canceled at the last minute – because of a broken water main, she was told. That was crappy, because people had made plans. But a broken water main is a broken water main, so okay – it was rescheduled.

Until today.

Fucking Goldsmith’s have cancelled my show again. Last week when there was a burst water main I took it on the chin. This time they are saying “paperwork wasn’t done correctly” (not by me, by the student atheist society that had arranged it). I find this more than unlikely. I smell yet more bullshit. Really sorry everyone who had a ticket and then got told it had moved dates and all that crap. We are going to keep fighting this until it does happen. When it does I will be bringing free nibbles for those who’ve put up with all the dickery.

I second the bullshit call. It’s the Student Union doing this, and I say it’s outrageous. They dislike her views on prostitution, so they schedule events and then cancel them at the last minute, so as to punish anyone who had made plans to go as well as Kate herself. This goes beyond even no-platforming into outright disruption.

They need to be embarrassed.

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