“That’s a witch that needs to be arrested and put to death”

Another rung on the fascism ladder:

An official adviser to the Trump campaign has escalated the attacks on Khizr Khan, the gold star father who was critical of Trump at the Democratic convention, baselessly accusing him of being a “Muslim Brotherhood agent.”

The adviser, Al Baldasaro, tweeted a link to an article from Shoebat.com, a fringe anti-Islam conspiracy website. The article also suggests (without any evidence) that Humayun Khan, who was awarded a Purple Heart and Bronze, was a jihadist who joined the military to kill Americans.

The piece, written by Theodore and Walid Shoebat, is less of an article and more of a fever dream of conspiracies strung together.

Tell us more about Theodore Shoebat.

In recent days, Theodore Shoebat has also called on the government to execute gay people for sodomy and Hillary Clinton for witchcraft. He also said women who have abortions should be lined up and shot by firing squad.


Let’s look at that last link, to a piece at Right Wing Watch.

Shoebat had particular praise for Eighth Circuit Court of Appeals judge Steven Colloton for issuing a decision in 2014 upholding the constitutionality of the death penalty, which Shoebat again said should be applied to gays … as well as to witches like Hillary Clinton.

“We need judges who uphold the death penalty for evildoers,” he said. “We need judges who would uphold the death penalty for those, not just murderers, obviously murderers deserve death, I think most people would agree with that. But you also have other people who deserve the death penalty, not necessarily murderers; people who are involved in witchcraft, who promote witchcraft. Witchcraft is very, very dangerous, very demonic and look how much destruction it has caused in the United States. Look at Hillary Clinton. That’s a witch that needs to be arrested and put to death. Most definitely. As the scriptures says, I believe in Leviticus, ‘Thou shall not suffer a witch to live.'”

“Homosexuals also need to be put to death,” Shoebat continued, “because it is evil, it is demonic and it is against human nature.”

So to sum up, Baldasaro is an official adviser to the Trump campaign and Baldasaro considers Theodore Shoebat a trustworthy source.

Down, down, down we go.

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