Theocrats call LGB activists “far right”

The AhlulBayt Islamic Mission, which as Peter Tatchell said is hosting the Islamist preacher who advocates death for lesbians and gay men, has issued a statement on how wrong people are to object to clerics who advocate death for lesbians and gay men. The AIM is an offshoot of an Iranian organization, and is a big fan of the theocratic regime in Iran.

The AhlulBayt Islamic Mission (AIM) issues this statement to clarify its position on the baseless allegations made against Shaykh Hamza Sodagar by far-right media outlets.

AIM prides itself for being active in campaigning against extremism, sectarianism, intolerance and racism both locally and globally. We have been consistent in our efforts to spread justice, peace, and tolerance; and to promote social harmony as contained in our rich and abundant Islamic heritage. Since its inception, our organisation has been steadfast in promoting this message because these values are enshrined in the Islamic teachings that we uphold.

Notice something? It prides itself on campaigning against racism…but not against sexism or homophobia. Those are not random omissions. The “Islamic teachings” they uphold are thoroughly sexist and homophobic.

The unfortunate rise of right-wing extremism has resulted in a malicious campaign to misconstrue the positions of Islam and dehumanise Muslims.

We are saddened that the UK media is able to publish materials that clearly follow a right-wing extremist agenda of spreading hatred and Islamophobia.

We are surely meant to infer from that that the AIM is left-wing as opposed to right-wing.


The theocratic Islamist regime in Iran is not left-wing, and neither is the AIM, and neither is Sodagar.

Shaykh Hamza Sodagar is a reputable religious scholar who has studied the sciences of the religion and is considered an expert in theology, history and jurisprudence. He has a lengthy record in serving the Muslim community around the world.

In remarks made in 2010, as part of a series of lectures delivered on mercy, love and hatred in Islam through a commentary of a supplication from the Islamic tradition, Shaykh Hamza explained the position of Islam on homosexuality, and that it [i.e. homosexuality] is not compatible with Islam. This is a clear and undeniable position that is upheld by Islam as found in Islamic scripture and tradition. In this regard, it must be understood, as was mentioned in the very same lecture series, that Islamic penal code cannot be administered outside the framework of law-enforcement and legal process within a legitimate government.

Bracketed interpolation mine.

Yes, we’ve seen this “explanation” before, in fact we’ve seen it ad nauseam. Islam says homosexuality is not compatible with Islam, and Iran executes gay men, but that’s ok because Islamists won’t put that into practice unless they have already taken over the government. Oh that’s fine then.

We’re not the “far right” in this picture.

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