You must try to see the wisdom of the crowd

Tasneem Khalil on Facebook:

5 rules: How to write about Trump, his supporters and nationalists

1. Never use words like racists and bigots to describe racists and bigots. When people vote in overwhelming numbers to keep “Polish vermin” out of the United Kingdom or “Mexican rapists” and “Muslim terrorists” out of the United States, you must try to see the wisdom of the crowd. That is the beauty of democracy. If you deviate from this rule, some people will get really offended.

2. Refer to the abandoned white working class. Do not look at exit poll data that would show the working class in the United States actually voted for HRC and most of the Trump voters are actually among the richest people on this planet. Talk about how the white people are the real victims of a system that survives on blood and toil of black and brown labour.

3. Propose that we listen to the concerns of angry white men wearing red caps — the kind shouting “Kill Obama!” and “lock her up!” during the pussy-grabber-in-chief’s victory speech. Psychoanalyse them as much as you can. For this analysis, you can rely on hundreds of newspaper profiles and interviews of such men. However, always remember to propose that the media has failed to grant enough attention to the said demographic.

4. Blame the elite; mention the crisis of inequality; and, note the role of capitalism. What we are looking at is actually a revolution of sorts — the masses had enough with the elite, capitalist bastards, and now they have elected Donald J Trump as their president.

5. Always remember: Most of the nationalists are decent people with decent concerns about foreigners, people with different skin colours and religions. This, as opposed to the feminist, LGBT-loving, refugee-hugging, weed-smoking liberal elite tree-huggers “who just don’t get it!”

He’s so right. There is so much bullshit of that kind flying around and it’s all so wrong.

I especially detest #1. Yeah it’s not “elitist” to say that people who shout and wear and wave racists slogans are being racist. It’s not “elitist” to say that bragging about grabbing women by the pussy is misogynist and rapey. It’s not “elitist” to say that a guy who has cheated his workers is not a friend of the working class.

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