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Defending the tweet during her daily press briefing

Dec 12th, 2017 4:10 pm | By

They’ll defend anything. Sanders will defend anything. Trump could eat a toddler on live tv and she would say “Look, the president is always going to be somebody who has a big appetite.”

“There’s no way that this is sexist at all,” said White House press secretary Sarah Huckabee Sanders, defending the tweet during her daily press briefing Tuesday afternoon. “Look, the president is always going to be somebody who responds,” she also said. “We’ve said that many times before.”

Look, that’s such a vacuous thing to say. Look, you can’t just brush aside loathsome sexist and racist tweets and remarks by saying he’s always going to be sexist and racist. Look, you can’t just blithely excuse everything by … Read the rest


Dec 12th, 2017 11:17 am | By

BBC World anchor Katty Kay in DC:

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Would do anything

Dec 12th, 2017 10:48 am | By

President Piggy’s carrying on is even international news. The BBC is reporting it, with “slut shaming” in the headline.

US President Donald Trump has been accused of trying to “slut shame” a female senator who demanded he quit over sexual misconduct claims.

Mr Trump claimed Kirsten Gillibrand had come “begging” to him for campaign donations and “would do anything” for cash.

Senator Elizabeth Warren said the president was “trying to bully, intimidate and slut-shame” her fellow Democrat.

Yes she did.

In Tuesday

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Way to fire us up

Dec 12th, 2017 10:33 am | By

There’s nothing quite like a rich white ignorant talentless man in a position of maximum power telling women to shut up for making women get EVEN LOUDER.

That’s especially true when he’s a rich white ignorant talentless man with a long history of assaulting and insulting women.

It’s especially true when he’s a rich white ignorant talentless man with a long history of assaulting and insulting women who are orders of magnitude more intelligent and better informed and more ethically aware than he is.

President Trump forcefully entered the national debate about sexual harassment on Tuesday, again dismissing his own accusers as fabricating their stories and saying that a prominent Democratic senator, a woman, “would do anything” for

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A good time to remember each one

Oct 13th, 2017 10:53 am | By

Judd Legum:






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Trump orders us to say “Christmas”

Oct 13th, 2017 9:25 am | By

President Pussygrabber spent his morning at a thing called the “Values Voter Summit.” So I guess the Values in question include sexual assault, bragging about sexual assault, lying about bragging about sexual assault, lying about everything, ensuring that only the rich will be able to afford health insurance, calling people rude names in public, shoving people, bullying, fraud, cheating, theft, corruption, bribery, treason?

Trump dove into America’s culture wars on Friday, touting his administration for “returning moral clarity to our view of the world” and ending “attacks on Judeo-Christian values.”

Moral clarity. Moral clarity. That guy. That guy who insults and attacks – in full public view – anyone who challenges him or criticizes him or simply annoys him. … Read the rest

Fidelity to the teachings of the Church

Mar 16th, 2017 11:49 am | By

A press release from the State Department March 13:

The Department of State is pleased to announce the U.S. delegation to the 61st Session of the UN Commission on the Status of Women (CSW), to be held March 13 through 24, 2017 at United Nations Headquarters in New York. The CSW’s annual two-week session is the most important annual meeting on women’s issues at the United Nations. Representatives of the CSW’s 47 member governments convene to discuss ways to improve women’s lives at an event that also features the active participation of civil society representatives from around the world. The theme of this year’s session is “Women in the Changing World of Work.”

Ambassador Nikki Haley, U.S. Permanent

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Denying women access

Jan 23rd, 2017 11:33 am | By

Found a news item other than “LifeSite” and similar – the Huffington Post reports:

In one of his first acts as president, Donald Trump has reinstated a federal ban on U.S. funding for international health organizations that counsel women on family planning options that include abortion.

The Mexico City policy, also known as the global gag rule, was first put in place by President Ronald Reagan in 1984. It prohibits giving U.S. funding to nongovernmental organizations that offer or advise on a wide range of family planning and reproductive health options if they include abortion ― even if U.S. dollars are not specifically used for abortion-related services.

Since then, the gag rule has been something of a political football,

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It is never just locker room talk

Jan 18th, 2017 4:28 pm | By

Congressional Representative Luis Gutierrez on why he won’t be at the inauguration. Now there is a guy who knows how to talk, unlike President-elect Pussygrabber. The rep has something to say about the Pussygrabber.

My speech this morning on the Floor of the House about why I will not be at the inauguration ceremonies on Jan. 20 but will be marching with women at the Women’s March on Jan. 21. “We all heard the tape when Donald Trump was bragging – bragging! – about grabbing women by their private parts without their consent. It is something I can never un-hear. Bragging to that guy on TV that he would grab women below the belt as a way of hitting

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Down with personhood

Dec 12th, 2016 9:22 am | By

But never mind WW3, never mind food and medicine, never mind global warming, never mind the minimum wage – how about that political correctness, huh? Like TIME magazine? “Person” of the year? Am I right? For years it was “Man of the Year.” It should obviously just stay that, right? Am I right?

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Of course it is crystal clear that assault is unacceptable

Nov 18th, 2016 3:04 pm | By

Back in October Jeff Sessions – former prosecutor Jeff Sessions – was very cautious about what you could call sexual assault.

Sen. Jeff Sessions (R-Ala.), a top Donald Trump surrogate, said on Sunday that even if the GOP nominee actually grabbed a woman “by the pussy,” as he bragged about in a leaked tape from 2005, that behavior would not amount to sexual assault.

“I don’t characterize that as sexual assault,” Sessions told The Weekly Standard in the spin room after Sunday night’s presidential debate. “I think that’s a stretch. I don’t know what he meant.”

“So if you grab a woman by the genitals, that’s not sexual assault?” the reporter asked Sessions.

“I don’t know,” the

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President Pussygrabber tells women to hit the road

Nov 14th, 2016 4:00 pm | By

Trump contentedly told 60 Minutes that women will have to “go to another state” if Roe v Wade is thrown out.

Affirming his campaign pledge to appoint Supreme Court justices who oppose abortion, President-elect Donald Trump on Sunday said that women would “have to go to another state” to get an abortion if the court were to overturn Roe v. Wade.

“Having to do with abortion, if it ever were overturned, it would go back to the states,” he said in his first post-election interview, on CBS’ “60 Minutes.”

“Yeah, but then some women won’t be able to get an abortion?” Lesley Stahl asked.

Trump responded: “Yeah, well, they’ll perhaps have to go, they’ll have to go to another state.”

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On the to-do list

Nov 12th, 2016 10:53 am | By

There is of course the schedule of court cases.

US president-elect Donald Trump heads to court later this month to face charges that he ran a scheme that “preyed upon the elderly and uneducated to separate them from their money”. It’s the first of an unprecedented slew of legal issues to face an incoming president.

On Thursday, Judge Gonzalo Curiel will hold a hearing on jury instruction and what evidence can be admitted in the class action lawsuit brought by students of the president-elect’s now defunct Trump University.

Another first. How well it reflects on us, that our new president-elect ran a fraudulent not-university named after himself.

The first day of the trial, at which he has been called

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Somewhere between disastrous and cataclysmic

Nov 11th, 2016 5:17 pm | By

Paul Waldman at the Washington Post underlines the obvious: if you think Trump is going to do away with “the establishment,” you’re smoking something.

This was near the heart of Trump’s appeal to the disaffected and disempowered: Send me to Washington, and that “establishment” you’ve been hearing so much about? We’ll blow it up, send it packing, punch it right in the face, and when it’s over the government will finally be working for you again. And the people who voted for Trump bought it. After all, he’s no politician, right? He’s an outsider, a glass-breaker, a guy who can cut out the bull and get things done. Right?

But the idea that he would do this was based on

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The deranged distillation of the angry white male id

Nov 11th, 2016 4:35 pm | By

Michelle Goldberg considers the role of misogyny in the recent disaster.

Forty-six years ago, Germaine Greer wrote in The Female Eunuch, “Women have very little idea of how much men hate them.” Well, now we do.

On Tuesday, faced with a choice between a highly competent if uncharismatic female candidate and the deranged distillation of the angry white male id, America chose the latter. (Or, at least, the Americans whose votes count most in the Electoral College chose the latter: Hillary Clinton won the popular vote.) We don’t yet have a full picture of the electorate, but according to exit polls published by the New York Times, 54 percent of women voted for Clinton while 53 percent of men chose

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And all the good people will do nothing

Nov 11th, 2016 2:48 pm | By

Damon Lewis on Facebook:

What do you tell your kids?

You tell them the truth.

You tell them that the majority of Americans are good people. But, you also tell them they can’t rely on the good people of this country to protect them from evils because here, being a “good person” does not require actually being good. Being a “good person” merely means not being actively evil. Here, you can still be a “good person” if you don’t stop an evil. You can still be a good person if you don’t even try. You can still be a good person if you just maintain an unawareness that you’re being evil.

You tell them the truth that the majority

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Nov 11th, 2016 10:10 am | By

President Pussygrabber tweets again.

Nine hours between the two. I suppose somewhere in those nine hours one of his handlers reminded him he needed to start acting presidential now.

Good save.… Read the rest

The wages of cruelty

Nov 10th, 2016 5:24 pm | By

Another reason Trump’s win is so distressing – the fact that being relentlessly horrible didn’t cause him to lose. I’ve realize that the reason I was feeling so cheerful in the last few weeks was because I thought his hatefulness was causing him to lose. It looked that way.

But no. His hatefulness was exhaustively documented, and he won anyway. He won because of it.

That makes me feel sick, and profoundly alienated.

Cruelty and bullying should cause people to turn away in disgust. They did many, of course, but to many others they were like catnip to a cat.

He’s demonstrated that cruelty and bullying are rewarded. That’s very bad news.… Read the rest

How he won on fear and bile

Nov 10th, 2016 5:00 pm | By

Garrison Keillor says Trump voters aren’t going to like what Trump does.

Raw ego and proud illiteracy have won out, and a severely learning-disabled man with a real character problem will be president. We are so exhausted from thinking about this election, millions of people will take up leaf-raking and garage cleaning with intense pleasure. We liberal elitists are wrecks. The Trumpers had a whale of a good time, waving their signs, jeering at the media, beating up protesters, chanting “Lock her up” — we elitists just stood and clapped. Nobody chanted “Stronger Together.” It just doesn’t chant.

The Trumpers never expected their guy to actually win the thing, and that’s their problem now. They wanted only to whoop

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Chief of Breitbart

Nov 10th, 2016 1:20 pm | By

Oh dear god – the Breitbart guy might be chief of staff. Breitbart. Twitter trolls running the country.

Steve Bannon, the conservative provocateur and Mr. Trump’s campaign chief, is now a leading candidate to become White House chief of staff, but he’d have to beat out another campaign veteran in the running, Reince Priebus, the chairman of the Republican National Committee, according to two people with knowledge of the discussions.

Mr. Bannon, the executive chairman of the conservative website Breitbart News, who took a leave to help manage the final weeks of Mr. Trump’s campaign, is well liked among Mr. Trump’s circle of overlapping advisers, who see him as a favorable influence on the president-elect.

What’s a “favorable … Read the rest