A classic post-truth policy

The Trump show.

Canceling the Paris deal is a classic post-truth policy. Based on the outright denial of overwhelming scientific reality — and telegraphed in suspense-building gameshow style this week via Twitter and conflicting media teasers — it is Trump at his most callous, ignorant and attention-seeking.

That “suspense” bullshit was enraging. He treated it like just another “reality” show twist, which is so disgustingly frivolous it makes me go cross-eyed.

As a former reality TV star, Trump cares about how things look, not how they really are. Torpedoing climate efforts is the ultimate “up yours” to liberals — after all, that’s the point. The aim is symbolic, but faced with higher carbon emissions and consequent disastrous global warming, our children may not see it that way.

The whole drought-starvation-mass migrations-wars thing will make it difficult.

China will pick up what Trump threw away.

China’s leaders have long recognized the economic opportunities in moving aggressively into clean energy technologies. Solar is now cheaper — as well as cleaner — than coal in many developing countries.

Trump, who likes to pose as a successful businessman, seems not to understand the value of innovation. Instead he seeks to turn the clock back to an imagined golden age of fossil fuels. If America falls behind in the clean energy revolution, it is not Trump who will pay the price.

Trump never does pay the price.

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