In all things

In small things as well is in large, Trump is consistent: he’s a mean, sadistic, bullying asshole who enjoys belittling and shaming people because he likes to see people feeling bad. He insults Merkel and Obama and Warren and Curiel, and he insults people who work for him.

In Trump’s White House, aides serve a president who demands absolute loyalty — but who doesn’t always offer it in return. Trump prefers a management style in which even compliments can come laced with a bite, and where enduring snubs and belittling jokes, even in public, is part of the job.

That right there? That’s an asshole. That’s a 100% brass-plated irredeemable asshole. We’ve all known them, and they suck.

Allies say the president’s quips are simply good-natured teasing, part of an inclusive strategy meant to make even mid-level staff members feel like family.

Fuck that shit. Fuck it up one side and down the other. Families that do that are crap families, and bosses who do it are terrible bosses.

And during the transition, Trump would make a point of noting that Vice President-elect Mike Pence’s crowds paled compared to his, teasing that even his daughter Ivanka and son Eric attracted more attention, said two people familiar with the comments, which they considered demeaning. (Pence offered a similar quip on the campaign trail.)

“Teasing” is a sneak-word. It pretends that sadistic verbal bullying is mere joking, but it isn’t.

Critics say the president often demeans those in his orbit, a tendency they say reflects a broader fragility beneath his bluster.

“Trump is so deeply insecure that not even becoming president of the United States quenched his need to make others feel small to build himself up,” said Tim Miller, a former spokesman for an anti-Trump super PAC. “Choosing to work for him necessitates a willingness to be demeaned in order to assuage his desire to feel like a big, important person.”

That’s that self-esteem thing again. Maybe it’s not that he’s so deeply insecure, maybe it’s that he’s a mean bullying piece of shit. Maybe there’s nothing more to it that that: he’s a mean fucker who likes to make people feel like crap.

During an early call with Australia, one of nation’s staunchest allies, the president got into a testy exchange with Prime Minister Malcolm Turnbull, blasting him over a refu­gee deal, bragging about the size of his electoral college win and abruptly ending the call.

When news from the conversation emerged, Trump’s team readily confirmed details of the exchange. The president was livid about the leak — but had no problem being viewed as a bully, believing he was simply standing up for his nation’s best interests.

What I’m saying. He likes being a bully, and he thinks it makes him awesome.

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