And then stood like this

Joe Biden was on Fresh Air the other day. There was this one bit that started with Twitter…

GROSS: So, like, what are the rules for communication? Like, ’cause he – is it OK – did you have social media when you were vice president? And, like, what rules were you expected to follow?

BIDEN: Not that old. Yes, I…


BIDEN: I had social media.

GROSS: I thought they take that stuff away from you.

BIDEN: I have social media – had it. And we have millions of people following us. But there’s a difference between using the modern media and the means of communication than there is being irresponsible or irrational in the way you do it and just venting. You know, words matter. Words matter. When presidents speak, the world listens. And look, the idea that somebody, no matter what they do – no matter what their profession or their interest is – that gets up at 3 or 4 o’clock in the morning and tweets vitriol, what it does – it fundamentally alters the view of the character of the presidency in the rest of the world.

You know what I heard? I was just in Greece and Italy and meeting a lot of national figures in each of those countries. You know the one thing that’s done the most damage? When the president of the United States stiff-armed and moved – no, I mean it. I’m not joking. I’m not – and then stood like this. That was the image of America, almost the image of the ugly American. That it just – it has such resonance.

It’s not a joke at all.

Image result for trump shoves duško marković

Image result for trump shoves duško marković

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