At the highest level

Trump says it’s not a guns situation. Nope nope nope. Not at all. It’s a bats in the belfry situation. It’s a MenTal HeAlth SituAtion. That’s what it is. The guy was cray cray. Nothing to do with guns at all. Could just as well have been a poisoned amuse-bouche. Could have been flung rocks. Could have been a rabid dog smuggled in under his coat. It just happened to be a semi-automatic rifle. Totally random.

Asked at a press conference in Tokyo what policies he might support in response to the shooting, Mr Trump said preliminary reports suggested the gunman was “a very deranged individual, [with] a lot of problems.”

Actually he said “a lot of problems over a long period of time.” He used that stupid canned phrase of his that signals how radically impoverished his vocabulary and mental activity are. The Indy left it out no doubt because of how stupid and knee-jerk it is.

“We have a lot of mental health problems in our country, as do other countries. But this isn’t a guns situation,” he said. “Fortunately somebody else had a gun that was shooting in the opposite direction.”

He said that. He did. He actually said that.

“This is a mental health problem at the highest level,” he added. “It’s a very, very sad event.”

The highest level? What highest level? The highest level of what?

More filler. More filler to attempt to disguise the emptiness of his mind and the nonexistence of his human feeling.

Earlier this Mr Trump signed a bill blocking plans that would have prevented an estimated 75,000 people with mental health disorders buying guns. The proposals were part of former president Barack Obama’s push to strengthen the federal background check system in the wake of the 2012 shootings at Sandy Hook Elementary School

Well that’s just Radical Left Craziness, because shootings are never caused or enabled or assisted by guns. Of course not. If it were not guns it would be strangling people one by one, which is not at all more difficult to carry out on a mass scale than shooting with a semi-automatic rifle.

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