Behold a mean person

I’m told that Zoé Samudzi perpetrated a Twitter storm on Friday, and I gather that may be what set off the flamers who quickly got Hypatia to agree to throw Rebecca Tuvel under the bus. Samudzi tweets a lot, so I haven’t found the storm yet, but I found a more recent squall, and it’s nasty enough for any taste. She’s responding to Jesse Singal’s article yesterday.

The piece is about Tuvel, specifically the attack on Tuvel and the retraction of her article along with a public attack by the editors. It doesn’t “give her a platform”; it reports on her abrupt deprivation of a platform. It’s not obliged to give other academics a “platform”; it’s an article, not an academic department or a conference.

“Whining” indeed. As if Samudzi wouldn’t “whine” if somebody published an article of hers and then retracted it and publicly excoriated her. And she’s lying about the dogwhistle.

Oh, is she being neglected? Is that a whine? Also, is she really complaining about not getting enough credit for her Twitter yammering? It’s Twitter; it’s not publication. Nobody is obliged to pay attention to her THREAD.

Oh I see, this is white privilege, is it? Having an article retracted and having the editors publicly trash you? And it’s being affirmed as a victim? That’s how that works?

If this stuff is representative, Samudzi must be a remarkably callous and malicious human being. If that’s lefty politics, we’re all fucked.

It’s not “dangerous.” That blackmailing catastrophizing bullshit is what’s dangerous: it’s driving feminism out of public discourse.

That’s simply disgusting. She’s not “whining”; her academic freedom was very obviously infringed; she hasn’t engaged in any “epistemic violence”; and retracting an article and demonizing its author is not mere “pushback.”

Sure, go ahead, destroy her career. Why not?

I feel dirty now.

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