But don’t obsess over it

Michael Shermer’s been shedding his light on the world again.

The “it” in “talk about it” is race and racism. Shermer with his 118 thousand followers says sure by all means talk about race and racism but do it within these limits prescribed by him.

That’s not a good look. It’s not a good look for a prosperous white guy to issue short sharp instructions on how much and in what manner people can talk about racism.

But it gets worse.

Right and if you’re against sexism just stop classifying people by sex oh wait

So naturally I did a couple of snotty retweets-with-comments, which automatically showed up on Facebook, which resulted in a tedious argument with someone of the “Shermer has a right to his opinion and you’re an SJW” school of thought. It felt like 2013.

What can I tell you? Shermer has those 118 thousand followers (see above). He’s a Name; he has influence. He’s also shallow, and pugnacious, and not as clever as he thinks he is. For all those reasons I think it’s ok for us underlings to annotate his tweets now and then. But the “You SJW” guy on Facebook thinks I’m wrong and harmful for doing so. “Great way to build a movement,” he told me. Say what? I’m not trying to build a movement. A movement of what? Libertarians? No thank you, we already have plenty of those.

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