Celebrity Big Asshole

Let’s start with something funny for a change.

Kate Smurthwaite did a tv chat thing this morning along with “Celebrity Big Brother star”┬áKim Woodburn where they discussed whether or not it’s annoying to be called “darling” in shops.

It wouldn’t be all that funny/interesting perhaps were it not for the fact that Kate reports that Kim Woodburn pitched a fit at her in the corridor afterwards.

I’m not even joking. Kim Woodburn (from How Clean Is Your House who I was just on This Morning with) completely flipped out at me in the corridor as we left the studio. Got right in my face. Called me “crazy”, “a nutter” and all sorts of other not-very-PC terms. I was like “the debate’s finished, why are you still shouting?”. Then she screamed (really screamed, loud) “And shave your armpits, you look disgusting. It’s not feminine.”

Optional essay topic: is it Trumpism, or would people be carrying on this way even if Trump had returned to private life last November?

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