Dear diary, he held my hand today

Trump updated his diary on Twitter for us. Apparently he was brilliant at the G20 meeting, and he awed everyone, and the whole world fell to its knees in admiration of American and its Shining Golden Prince.

Mansplaining at its finest.

He’s so clueless and so narcissistic and so passionately in love with himself that he thinks he can Explain things to the rest of the world, and the rest of the world will listen and nod and understand. He fails to consider that the rest of the world doesn’t see him the way he sees himself. He thinks it sees him the way he sees himself, except with envy instead of glorious satisfaction.

He thinks the rest of the world agrees with him that he understands trade and economics and all other complicated subjects.

It doesn’t.

He also thinks, even ┬ámore fatuously, that the world sees US self-interest as its own, while not seeing its own self-interest as its own. He must think that, because otherwise he wouldn’t talk nonsense about explaining to the world what the US wants as if that were supposed to be a conversation stopper for countries that aren’t the US. It’s like saying “I’m really hungry!” as you grab a stranger’s sandwich, and expecting that to be sufficient justification.

That one will run and run. Oh well then – if he vehemently denied it, there’s no more to be said. Obviously he wouldn’t lie about it. Obviously he especially wouldn’t lie about it vehemently. Vehemence is proof; we all know that. Thank god Trump asked him about it, because otherwise we wouldn’t realize that he denies it. Especially thank god Trump strongly pressed him about it, because Trump is such a strong strong strong man, so if he strongly presses you, there’s no resisting him. That wimp Obama would have merely asked, and Putin probably could have resisted that, but our strong strong strong golden-haired Prince sweeps all before him with his strongly pressing. His strength is strongly strong as his hair is goldenly golden.

If only Trump had been invited to ask Bernie Madoff if he was running a Ponzi scheme.

Note the way he takes for granted exactly what Putin wants him and everyone to take for granted – that Putin and Trump together run the world.

This one too will run and run – Trump gloating at his success in persuading the fox to help him guard the chickens.┬áTrump gloating at his success in enlisting Putin in a project that will make hacking our elections and all other government work so much easier. It’s as if Chamberlain had returned from Munich not merely rejoicing at Peace in Our Time but also congratulating himself for persuading Hitler to examine British military intelligence from then on.

Again he trashes US institutions to his BFF Putin. It’s kind of not a million miles from treason. It’s certainly childish and disgusting.

More of the same. Gee, Vlad, doncha just hate the New York Times and US intelligence agencies? Doncha?

Translation: I went totally belly-up for Putin because he flattered me and I really am that vain and stupid.

The conclusion was that projectile-vomit-inducing video.

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